About the Referees
The Bendigo Basketball Association is officiated by referees from the Bendigo Basketball Referees Association (BBRA). The BBRA has some of the most highly credentialed referees in the state who are currently officiating in state based competitions. The BBRA also has referees just learning the game just like our players.

How old do I need to be to be able to referee

The preferred age is 14 years and up.

Is there training to do before I may become a referee
When referees first start they will complete a Level 0 Referees course. This will provide the basics for them to officiate at our most junior levels. Naturally if you have also played the game this will also provide you a good grounding in being able to officiate. Most referees to begin with will wear a green shirt.

Green Shirt program
The green shirt program signifies a referee in training. Just as players do they take a while to pick up the skills and knowledge to play the game. The referees are no different. During the green shirt period you will be assessed by coaches and once gaining the necessary skills and knowledge you will progress to wearing the normal black and white stripes like all the other referees.

Are referees paid
Referees are paid. Not only having the opportunity to stay fit and enjoy the sport and be an important part of it you also get remunerated. Depending on your skills and knowledge and then being assessed will determine your rate of pay. It is a great way to have a casual or part time job and be part of a sport.


Daniel Nancarrow, Referee Advisor

Phone: 0448 906 889