Published on Monday, 2 July 2018

Basketball Victoria Helping Hoops partnership

BASKETBALL Victoria is partnering with Helping Hoops to further support the entirety of the basketball community.


Helping Hoops, an independent charity, conducts free basketball programs for over 1,000 underprivileged children. The program’s focus is not just on improving skills, but also uses basketball to instill values that benefit children in their lives outside of sport.


Basketball Victoria has pledged to donate $1 for every free-throw made at the Helping Hoops 24-Hour Charity Shootout (up to $20,000), held 14-15 July at Albert Park College. The community event is the place to be and be seen with a Celebrity All Star Game, featuring the likes of Chris Goulding and more, live artwork and T-shirt printing, food trucks, prizes (including a signed Ben Simmons jersey and much more), arcade games, kids activities, a barber shop amongst other great activities.


How many charity shots could you shoot in 15 minutes? The 24 Hour Charity Shootout will see over 200 people do exactly this across the weekend of July 14-15. The event, now in its seventh year, raises money for Helping Hoops while gathering supporters from every corner of Melbourne and beyond together to have a giant party.


Fundraisers choose their preferred 15-minute time slot online at, and fundraise via an online personal profile that is created upon registration. For those unable to attend the event venue at Albert Park College, 83 Danks St, Albert Park, there is the option to participate at their neighbourhood hoops, stadium or backyard and do their 15 minutes of shooting in their local area.


There are plenty of ways you can get involved in supporting Helping Hoops and the 24-Hour Charity Shootout with further information available at  


·         Register your free-throw challenge timeslot at the Helping Hoops 24-Hour Charity Shootout by visiting their website.


·         Financial support through making a donation directly, sponsoring a participant or organise a fundraising event of your own with a ‘Regional Shoot-Out’ at your own association, club or in group of friends in your town.


·         As Helping Hoops are predominantly volunteer based, you can also donate your time to rebound, coach or just lend a hand across the weekend or any time during the year. Contact Helping Hoops via


Basketball Victoria CEO Nick Honey said the work Helping Hoops does throughout Melbourne benefits the not just the basketball community, but also gives great opportunities for everyone to become active and involved within basketball.


“It is incredible to see the contributions to the community Helping Hoops has made over the last decade,” Honey said. “Basketball Victoria is proud to see a charity supporting at-risk, migrant and disadvantaged communities through the universal lens of basketball.

“Children in organised competitions flourish and it is impressive to see Helping Hoops give opportunities to those who might not otherwise be able to participate in our sport.

“Basketball Victoria is excited to support Helping Hoops and their efforts going forward.”


Our pledge to Helping Hoops doesn’t stop with this donation though, this will be an on-going partnership to provide fundraising opportunities and in-kind support, such as the recent $4,056 donation from the Melbourne Utd. Victorian Junior Basketball League following its Girls Got Game Round.


Helping Hoops was formed in 2009 with the idea of bringing basketball to kids who don’t enjoy the same opportunities afforded to most of us, and use the sport to instil strong values and achieve social outcomes.


With free, weekly sessions run weekly at a number of venues throughout Metropolitan Melbourne, Helping Hoops has enabled a wide array of players from migrant, disadvantaged and all-abilities backgrounds to participate and feel involved in our sport.


Their efforts have significant societal benefits across the board and Basketball Victoria is thrilled to support Helping Hoops.



For more information contact Basketball Victoria Communications Coordinator Jarrod Potter –


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